Financial Breakthrough – G.G.J (USA)

Blessings Rev. Oye & the PPH Tribe, I’m GG Joseph from Florida. I just want to give thanks and bless God for the astonishing works that He’s doing through this ministry. (1) I give God praise because since the beginning of this year He has caused people that I haven’t heard from in years to think of me and some of them actually reached out to me. (2) I give God praise again because while I’m currently unemployed and in a TEMPORARY financial difficulty, God used my sister in Christ from another country to bless me financially. And not only that she blessed me, she also sent me money to sow two seeds in the same amount, one for her and one for me. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY! I will be back again to give more testimonies because I’m expecting my mind-blowing miracles in Jesus mighty name! Once again, I thank you Rev. Oye & the entire PPH team for praying for us, with us and also teaching us in the process.

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  • Godfred Togobo

    February 4, 2022 - 2:51 pm

    I am very grateful to be introduced by a work colleague through the Facebook Sharing in November 2021. My business was and is still going through rough times when I joined the PPH. My business has worked for two companies and not been paid for almost one year. In December 2021 we have no money left to pay our staff whilst these two organizations were owing us. I placed this issue on the PPH and the Lord heard my cry. One of the organizations has paid us in full and we had money to pay our staff. Payment from the second organization became challenging but ‘With our God all things are Possible’. The second company has just started paying up right now. Thank you Jesus.
    I am very grateful to PPH, Rev Sam, Madam Mary, Ps John and all the PPH team. Your oil will never run dry in Jesus Mighty and matchless name. Thank yo so so much.

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