Job Secured – A.A. (Canada)

Thank you Jesus! I am fairly new to this program. Last year November my family and I moved to a completely different city in Canada, so we all had to leave our jobs because to commute would have been hard. After we moved My sister, brother, mother and I had been looking for jobs for the longest time! It felt like there was no hope at all, especially during this covid season. Every time we applied, we kept getting declined! BUT earlier this week, you prayed for exceptional favour and joblessness. You also said that something exceptional is going to happen this week as I keyed into to it sir I just knew that something was going to happen. The next day and I am not exaggerating, ALL OF US got a call for jobs and we got hired instantly without any experience in the field. I just want to thank God almighty for this testimony. I could not believe it at all. It is only God that could have done it. I still cannot fathom it. Thank you Lord!!!! And thank you PPTribe for the constant prayers. It is greatly appreciated.


A.A. (Canada)

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  • Edith Ihuman

    June 7, 2021 - 6:31 am

    I key into this testimony. My testimony will be next in Jesus name. Amen

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