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I just want to testify the goodness and mercy of God in my family. Good day to you Daddy Sam Oye. I pray this testimony meets you and your family in good health? My name is Saly Bessem based in Montreal, Canada.An African-Canadian from Cameroon precisely , a single mom of three young kids and a full time nursing student. I have come to give my own mind blowing testimonies ooooo. I am not a spectator after all, I am also a testifier to the glory of Jesus,hallelujah.

I joined this PPH three weeks ago while on a 21 day fasting and prayers which ends today January 31st 2021 and since then, my life has never been the same again. The PPH is from 12mindnight to 1am my time in Montreal, Canada and this is the very first time I have been very consistent with midnight prayers. I came to this PPH alter with lots of prayer requests .

1)My big sister, baby brother and aunt all had to undergo major surgeries this January 2021. It was so scary and disturbing having to begin the new year on a negative footing. I tabled it on the prayer alter asking God for his mercy. To the glory of God, they all had a successful surgery and are recovering speedily and well.

2) This one is the first prayer request on my list and I trusted God to answer before the end of my fasting and prayer by January 31st 2021( a job for my big brother who lost his job since June 2020 due to the Covid pandemic). Since he moved in with me from his base, it hasn’t been easy being a single mom of three young kids and full time student without a job. His joblessness and him seeing me struggle daily to care for the family made him depressed .

Before I knew it,we were always having a fight at every slight opportunity due to his frustration. Last week Wednesday you said “there is a woman watching me right now, your brother is looking for a job. Wherever he is , if he is sleeping, wake him up right now for breakthrough”. I said yes Jesus , my case has been been mentioned. I immediately went to my brother’s room and asked him to join the prayer line, he was awake but out of frustration told me to go away and pray alone. I felt angry in my spirit but went down on my knees and cried to God to have mercy on my brother for my sake. I told God he is a God of no barrier.

I called forth my brother’s spirit to this prayer alter and connected him to this breakthrough. On Thursday the very next day, Daddy Sam said the same declaration of a woman watching and her brother looking for a job to call him. Since I knew it was no point going to call on him to join me, I just went down on my knees and cried out to God to have mercy on him and give him a mind blowing job for my sake. On Friday last week, Daddy Sam declared that “ you will not round up the weekend without a testimony “ and I immediately claimed it. I told God” Father, if this will be the only prayer request you will answer in this month during my fast, father please do .” Two days to the end of my fast, the same Friday January 29th 2021, my brother who has had all kinds of interviews without success, received a letter of employment already signed with the position of an IT Project Manager in a reputable Hospital here in Canada .

The sweetest part of it is that( this job comes with a mind blowing pay package and benefits three times what he had ever expected ) This is the only job that came with so much ease, . Indeed my own brother looked at me and said” Baby girl, God has answered your prayers for me, this is none other but God . I now believe in your prayers and for this reason, I will take my walk with God very seriously henceforth”. Daddy Sam, God is a God of the last hour. He visited my family when I was feeling discouraged not knowing He has been at work even when I didn’t see nor feel it. Praise be to this God who is never too late ooooooo?????.

3) I have been having this reoccurring pain on my right arm radiating sometimes to my right breast since 2018. I have been severally to the doctor who always told me nothing was wrong but having this reoccurring pain was something I couldn’t explain. I knew it was an evil deposit from the pit of hell trying to afflict me.

Daddy Sam, on these same Thursday and Friday last week, you said “ you with that pain in your breast, place your right arm in it now” . Daddy Sam, I didn’t only place my hand, I took out my breast and pointed it to the screen where you stretched your arms forth rebuking every affliction.

To the glory of God, I am healed and delivered. Jesus has healed and delivered me from every disease, pain abs affliction and I strongly believe it’s permanent in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen. There are still prayer requests I am trusting God for this 2021 and I know whom I have believed and I am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed , unto Him against that day. I am going ahead to sow a seed of thanksgiving to this big big God who has blessed me and my family even when we didn’t offer him anything. I am sooo excited God richly bless, reward and refill you and your team Daddy Sam in Jesus mighty name.


  • Wendy

    February 11, 2021 - 6:05 am

    To Rev Sam ,
    I just watched a video of you and Apostle Joshua I must say it was great video . I’m praying for a noise to go away from my backyard . Since September 2020 there’s been a sound on and off wind blowing then it will stop. But from December 2021 til now there’s a sound stomping in my backyard /swearing in my heaters also the dog next door can hear it and start barking. If I I go and brush my teeth the same sound “fa sound” in the fridge and also when I’m going on the bus . And when I’m passing by the cars on the side walk”fa sound”. Which I have never heard this noise before I’m praying for a miracle for all these strange noises to stop from the backyard , to inside my household , to outside , and as well at the nursing home the fridge and the basement / heaters are the same sound”stomping sound “ . I’m praying wherever this sound came from to go back to the sender . And that I am covered with the holy spirit and my family members as well in JESUS NAME!

  • Ashira

    July 11, 2023 - 6:23 am

    My Name is Ashira from Kenya, on the 10th day of July 2023 Rev Sam started off by mentioning a 15 year old child who had been a concern for the last 15 month. That is exactly my sweet baby who came face to face with the devil 15 months ago . It has been battle after battle since then. I keyed in to this prayer and she was out school recuperating for a pneumonia attack. She listened to the same declaration and we trusted God for total healing.
    By the evening of the same day she was totally healed to the glory of God. Our testimonies as a family are without number.

    Indeed with our God all things are possible!

    I praise God for the PPH altar, the oil over his servant Rev Sam Oye , Mama Oye and the entire crew ………..The Lord bless you richly and increase you greatly!

    Shalom! Shalom! Shalom!

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