Yeaty – UK

I am a Social Worker in the UK. A particular School made a referal about a mother with 3 children, it appears they wanted me to remove the children from their mother. Even though there are gaps in Mother’s parenting, the concerns did not meet threshold to remove the children from their mother and put them in foster care. When the teacher found out I was not removing the children from their mother, he did not only report me to my manager, he also sent an email to my manager’s Line manager, demanding to meet with them to discuss my practice. I was not invited to the meeting. I was a little worried because it could have caused me job loss in these difficult time. I dragged the to the PPHTRIBE yesterday morning. The meeting was yesterday, and the God of PPTRIBE showed up for me. My managers defended my practice and stood by the decisions I made concerning the children. My manager told me, other Social workers and managers had worse problem with that same School, even our director has had disagreement with them, and was considering reporting to the relevant authorities. I PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY FOR COMING THROUGH FOR ME AND SENDING PEOPLE TO DEFEND ME.

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