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  • Ade

    April 23, 2021 - 4:33 pm

    Testimony for PPH 21.04.2021 – Two jobs offers

    Today is the 21.04.2021 Good morning Rev Oye, Pastor Segun and Mummy Oye. Oti wole ooooo. Jesus has done it for me. After listening to 6 and 5 years of joblessness testimony, I knew I was next in line, I have been joblessness for 4 years and it felt like 40 years after countless employment rejection letters. I live in the UK so I even changed my African name at some point so that I can improve my chances of getting a job but yet still nothing happened for me. Then early this year my friend introduced me to this platform in January 2021 and I got hooked. I had lost my dignity amongst family and inlaws, because I can’t contribute financially to anything. I had so much debts that was embarrassing me and my family. Things were so bad we started to survive on credit cards to buy food to eat and pay household bills leading to more debts.

    Papa, I remember you declaring about 2 weeks ago that this is the very last time we would be going for interviews you said it’s coming to an end. I keyed into that prophetic declaration and believed. Long story caught short on 15 April 2021 just this last week I got a call and was made an offer for a new job after 4 years of joblessness. They are so keen that they want me to start in 2 weeks time. Papa like joke like joke, the most amazing part of this testimony is that whilst I was still composing this testimony for PPH this Tuesday 19 April 2021, I got another job offer, and this time the salary is 4 times more than the first one. Papa you told us to praise God over the weekend for 10 mins everyday and I did. See what the Lord has done for me oooo….Please make una help me Praise the Lord. I am filled with tears of joy that I am no more a spectator but now a testifier.

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