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Accountability to the Law Definition

Governance systems in which all stakeholders, public and private, are accountable to laws that are publicly enacted, applied equally, independently decided and consistent with international human rights standards, are essential for peacekeeping and the achievement of inclusive development. The absence of the rule of law and accountability for human rights violations leads to the failure of justice and impunity for crimes, conflicts over unaddressed grievances and an oppressive and irresponsible regime. In particular, WHO/South-East Asia works closely with partners to strengthen the rule of law and accountability for human rights violations related to law enforcement and justice systems, helping to create the conditions for people to make or challenge political decisions affecting their lives, and works within the United Nations system; ensure that its accountability and rule of law obligations are properly coordinated. supported. As elsewhere, Southeast Asia faces the challenge of meeting these standards. These include gaps in access to justice, the legality of economic, social and cultural rights, opaque and uncoordinated public decision-making, corruption and the policies and measures taken by some States to combat insecurity or terrorism that violate human rights. When a party is accountable for and responsible for its activities. It`s made to keep them honest and accountable.