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Age Legal Depart Retraite Carsat

In most cases, your employer can`t force you to retire before age 70. However, there are exceptions. To find out how many quarters you have already purchased, go to and use the “My Career Statement All Plans” service available in your personal space. If you wish to continue your activity after the legal retirement age, 3 measures are proposed: if the retirement procedure has not been followed, the end of the employment contract will be qualified as dismissal. It is therefore this procedure that applies, with the payment of the corresponding compensation. From the age of 67, you can retire at full rate if you have not validated enough quarters. In some very specific cases, you may be able to attend before the completion of the 62nd century. Retirement (early retirement): To retire, you must have reached a minimum legal age, which depends on the plan to which you belong. In the case of a long career qualified as painful or disability, it is always possible to go before this legal minimum age. However, certain special situations (long career, disability, exposure to occupational risks, etc.) may allow you to benefit from early retirement, i.e.

leave before the legal retirement age. To benefit from a full pension (at full rate, at 50%), you must validate a minimum number of quarters (from 166 to 172 depending on the year of birth). Pension insurance only manages your basic pension, but you are also linked to a supplementary pension body that pays you part of your pension. Therefore, in order to determine the date of your pension, you should also inquire about: Some periods during which you do not contribute can still be validated under the quarters that are credited to the pension: periods of unemployment, sick leave, parental leave, military service. Children are also entitled to additional trimesters. People with a permanent disability of at least 50% can retire at the age of 62 without benefiting from a reduction (even if their pension is calculated in proportion to the number of quarters validated). To access personalized information, use our Get My Retirement Age service. You will receive a calculation of your retirement age. At this age, an employee may receive his supplementary pension at the full rate, even if he has not paid the number of quarters required for the basic pension. The statutory minimum age is the minimum age from which you can apply for retirement under the general scheme. It depends on your year of birth, it`s 62 if you were born after 1955. At what age should you go? An essential question when preparing for your retirement.

Your starting age is linked to your date of birth. But it also depends on the choice that will be yours: to turn away from the legal age? Departure if your retirement is calculated “at the maximum rate”? Do you want to extend your activity according to the minimum legal age? Here are the most important things to understand. The minimum age to receive the basic pension is called the “statutory retirement age”. It depends on your year of birth, but also on your choice. If an employee is 70 years of age or older, their employer can automatically retire them. In this case, the procedure is simple: he must give him the legal notice, as in case of termination. The old-age pension corresponds to the compensation paid in the event of dismissal. The minimum age to receive the basic pension is called the “statutory retirement age”. He is 62 years old if you were born in 1955 or later.

At this age, you have the right to retire, regardless of your situation. The legal retirement age is 62. It is possible to leave earlier for a long career, difficulties or disability. If you wish, you can extend your work beyond the legal retirement age to improve the amount of your future retirement. All information about the age of departure can be found on the website of “At what age will I go?”. Even if you are of legal age, this does not necessarily mean that you can receive a pension at the maximum rate. Once the legal minimum age has been reached, you must justify a minimum number of trimesters depending on your year of birth or justify a specific situation if you do not have enough trimesters. In the absence of quarters, a final discount is granted on the basic amount of the pension. If the employer wishes to retire an employee before the age of 70, 2 conditions must be met: Note that your retirement will still be calculated in proportion to your number of quarters. Some situations may allow you to receive a pension at the maximum rate, regardless of the number of quarters purchased. Consult the pension insurance website for the calculation in detail If you do not have all the required quarters, leaving at the legal age does not guarantee that you will receive an old-age pension at the full rate.

However, this state of quarters is lifted as soon as you leave the age of the full automatic rate after 67 years. Explanations. To receive a pension at the maximum rate, you must reach the legal retirement age and have the required number of quarters. If you meet these two conditions, your pension will be calculated at the maximum rate, i.e. on the most favourable terms. Download our brochure I am preparing for retirement or My retirement, instructions for use. Certain special situations may allow you to retire before the legal minimum age (62 years): Warning: Warning: If you do not meet the conditions to receive a pension at the maximum rate, a definitive reduction in the amount of your pension will apply (with the exception of certain situations such as retirement for a long career). It varies between 60 and 62 years for people born before 1955. From this age, you can retire. But that doesn`t necessarily mean you`ll get a maximum pension.

early retirement of disabled insured persons; To retire, you must have a minimum insurance period for all basic plans. This insurance period is based on the periods (calculated in quarters) during which the insured person has contributed to the general social security scheme, but also to other compulsory schemes (e.g. as a trader or craftsman). Zwischen dem 62. und 67. You can retire even if you have not paid in the required number of quarters, but your pension will then be reduced: a reduction on your pension will be granted to you during the calculation. You will be informed© by e-mail that the page “At what age can you retire in the private© sector? Â` is considerably updated. Do you want to retire smoothly? Partial retirement allows you, under certain conditions, to receive part of your pension 2 years before the legal minimum age and at the same time to continue working part-time. *Cost estimates are for informational, preliminary and non-contractual purposes. It is issued to you according to the state of the regulations and the information kept and does not bind the pension funds.

At the legal age, to benefit from the maximum rate, you must benefit from a certain number of quarters. If you do not have the required number of quarters, a discount will be granted on the amount of your pension. This reduction is proportional to the number of missing quarters. It is definitive. Rehearsal of the carsat Languedoc-Roussillon webinar: All you need to know about the retirement age and the amount of the pension The legal retirement age is 62. From the age of 62, you can apply for retirement at any time. If you meet the conditions of a pension calculated with the maximum rate: legal age and duration of insurance, you can decide to extend your activity to increase the amount of your future pension thanks to a supplement. If, after reaching the statutory retirement age, you do not meet the number of quarters required to receive your full pension, you can continue to work until you receive it or wait until you reach the age of the automatic full rate.