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Another Word Meaning Legally

I learned yesterday for the first time that the U.S. Attorney`s Office in Delaware told my legal counsel, also yesterday, that they were investigating my tax affairs, I take this matter very seriously, but I am confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will show that I have managed my affairs legally and appropriately. also for the benefit of professional tax advisors. The two girls were legally emancipated and returned to Covington`s house. It is freedom, and responsible both legally and socially for the free choices of others around it. You can legally park in the parking lot on weekends without paying the fees, they will not charge you. The words legal and legal can be used in similar contexts, but Legalit applies to strict compliance with the provisions of the law and applies in particular to what is regulated by law. Administration lawyers also approved the “enhanced interrogation techniques” and said they were legally allowed. Nglish: Translation of the legal for Spanish speakers You could not legally grant such loans, because no one would represent the bank. A meeting may be held legally even if one of its members is physically or mentally unable to receive a notification. The business of a pawnshop is regulated by law and states generally require them to obtain a license.

I`m sorry for Nicole, it looks like she`s been scammed. It seems that she paid someone who did not own the house and paid her to buy it. But the land bank cannot simply give him ownership. If this is not determined by the charter or by the shareholders, they cannot get anything, because they cannot legally vote on wages for themselves. “Legal thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, Retrieved 21 September 2022. Some common synonyms of legal are legal, legitimate and legal. Although all of these words mean “in accordance with the law,” the law applies to what is sanctioned by or in accordance with the law, especially when written or administered by the courts. A claim for settlement of transactions that can be submitted legally is therefore not sufficient. In some situations, the words are legitimate and legally roughly equivalent. Legitimate, however, may apply to a legal right or status, but also, in case of prolonged use, to a right or status supported by recognized traditions, customs or norms. If the agreement is not legally binding, there will be no agreement as this would mean that it would be impossible to verify or control the commitments made.

Interestingly, if he is expelled, the law does not prohibit him from running in the special election for his seat. Look, George, if you have a small gun store owner in northern Vermont who legally sells a gun to someone and you know something happens to that guy, he goes crazy or something like that, and he kills someone if the gun store owner is held accountable? I don`t think so. The meanings of the legal and legal question overlap to a large extent; However, legality may apply to compliance with laws of any kind (e.g., natural, divine, general, or canonical). In our hasty quest for a legally perfect society, we do not take the time to take stock of what has been created so far. legal, legal, legal, legal, legal, legal, legal, legal, legal, judicial, legitimate, legal. Adjective. [`ˈliːgəl`] with legal effect or force. 1. Anyone who has the legal right to work in the (RSA) and has a good understanding of the stock market can become a stockbroker in South Africa. Prior to joining the Labor Department last year, she had worked for legal organizations that serve low-wage workers, including immigrants, on labor-related issues. In a Supreme Court lawsuit, Hall`s lawyers told judges that the government should not be in a hurry to execute a federal inmate amid a pandemic that makes it difficult for Hall to cooperate with his legal team and seek clemency.

Name. [`ˈraɪt`] Location near or direction to the right; that is, the side faces south if a person or object faces east. The electoral division rejected the recall request based on Clarkson`s legal opinion, but Alaskan courts ruled that the effort could continue. It complies with all EPA and NSF guidelines for eliminating bacteria and protozoa, although there is no legal requirement for filters to do so. Name. [`ˈraɪt`] an abstract idea of what a person or government agency is entitled to by law, tradition or nature; it`s something that no one can take away. Parker said he was not aware of any other lawsuits brought by the state against the deal that could lead to its closure. Adjective. [`ˈraɪt`] without error; particularly factual or consistent with the truth. Legally, it is forbidden, but it is a socially accepted practice, no one thinks that it is not acceptable to give or take a dowry, regardless of the law.