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Pure Legal Knowsley

Connect Costs and Pure Costs Budgets are two of eight Pure Legal Group companies that went bankrupt on Tuesday, resulting in more than 200 layoffs. In a statement, Kroll said: “The companies are part of the Pure Business Group, which provides a range of end-to-end legal services in the civil litigation industry and handles over 20,000 pending claims. Pure was envisioned by Phil Hodgkinson, who founded Compass Costs before selling it to Quindell in 2013 for £14 million. Two years later, he founded Pure. My company is the owner of Unit 8 Tiger Court, the premises of Pure Legal Costs Consultants Ltd in Knowsley. The premises are closed and all attempts to contact PLCCL have so far failed. The Costs Lawyer Standards Board register lists eight cost lawyers who work at Pure Legal Costs Consultants. However, the group`s main cost business, Pure Legal Costs Consultants, is not on the list, although its website is not available and its LinkedIn page appears to have been removed. Add your business data to our website for free. “The companies, which together employed 256 people and operated from sites in Liverpool and Prescot [in Merseyside], ceased operations with immediate effect, resulting in 203 redundancies. Administrators work with remaining employees to manage operations and support laid-off employees. It is estimated that about 135 employees still work in the larger group, which includes Pure Litigation and Advocacy, an alternative corporate structure (such as Pure Legal). To Brian Cook above Comment: Pure legal fee consultants were used in administration.

Alvarez and Marshal in Brighton were appointed directors (John Noon or Paul Flint) 02077155200) “Other companies in the larger group are not affected by the appointment of directors.” Kroll Advisory announced yesterday that Rob Armstrong, Michael Lennon and James Saunders were appointed as joint directors of Pure Business Group, Astute Business Management Consultants, Pure Technology Systems, Pure Reporting Services, Pure Claims, Pure Legal, Pure Claims Support Services, Connect Costs and Pure Costs Budgets on Tuesday. Not all of these companies were active, it is known. “Joint administrators take the necessary steps to ensure that all client files and funds are safe, and applicants are contacted to explain next steps. Now, click on the Adjust button to change the radius. Pure focused on high-volume consumer disputes: careless wall insulation, mortgage mis-selling, undisclosed commissions, mortgage miscalculations, construction degradation, and data breaches. She pulled out of the injury market earlier this year by selling Pryers Solicitors, which she had bought six years earlier.