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As long as you know the exact purpose of the r/legaladvice subreddit, there are some advantages to using the platform if you encounter your own legal situation that you need help with. The benefits of Legal Advice Subreddit include: r/AusLaw – With 19k+ members, r/Auslaw is home to a very vibrant community discussing law and the legal profession in Australia. We hear that r/AusLaw sometimes fights with r/Australia, which seems very Australian to us. REDDIT and the ALIEN logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. This manual is published for informational purposes only. It does not create a contractual obligation or obligation for Reddit to take specific action in certain circumstances. This guide does not provide legal advice or a comprehensive overview of all legal requirements. For some applications, there may be additional requirements beyond those mentioned here. This guide does not respond to requests from non-governmental organizations. The most popular product is, an online forum where people can create communities (known as “subreddits”) to communicate.

Each subreddit has its own page, topics, users, and volunteer moderators (also known as “mods”). Users can share content by posting stories, links, and/or media (called “posts”) on a subreddit, and other users can comment on those posts. Users can also make comments and/or posts “upvote” or “downvote”. The number of positive and negative votes a message receives helps determine its position on the subreddit. r/Lawyers – This private subreddit is by invitation only and requires proof of license. Instructions on how to apply can be found here. We would tell you more, but we`re pretty sure it`s confidential. The description of the subreddit explains this space as a place where you can get answers to simple questions and get an explanation of the legal concepts about the law related to your situation. The idea behind the forum is that moderators point you in the right direction and help you determine your next steps to get additional guidance if needed.

Reddit Legal Advice is a forum on the popular discussion platform Reddit. Reddit users can create specific subreddits or forums on a specific topic, and then Reddit community members openly contribute to any discussion that might take place. The legal advice subreddit will appear in the form r/legaladvice, and anyone looking for a space to talk about their legal problems and issues in hopes of getting advice or suggestions is welcome to share it. Courtesy copies of inquiries or legal proceedings may be sent to 548 Market Street, #16093, San Francisco, CA 94104-5401. Reddit provides this address to facilitate the delivery of courtesy copies; Your inclusion does not constitute a waiver of service requests. Reddit expressly reserves the right to insist on personal or appropriate delivery of legal process. π Rendered by PID 597017 on reddit-service-r2-whoalane-65f59dfdc5-kx292 to 2022-01-14 16:29:19.699280+00:00 running a4b6894 country code: RU. Certain information on a user profile may be stored by Reddit if required to do so by law or for legitimate business purposes. Further information can be found in our privacy policy.

If you have any specific questions, please contact us at r/LegalAdviceCanada – The equivalent of r/legaladvice, but for Canadians. In other words, a place to ask simple legal questions. 14.9k members. Please email all requests for user information by law enforcement (excluding emergency disclosure requests) and related legal proceedings to This is the fastest and most efficient way to contact Reddit. All applications will be reviewed and responded to in the order in which they are received. r/LegalAdvice – With an impressive 1.2 million members, r/legaladvice is “a place to ask simple legal questions and get explanations of legal concepts.” With questionable advice based on extremely limited factual models, the subreddit is effectively a pulse of the multitude of legal issues that Reddit users encounter in their daily lives. To start using r/legaladvice, you must first create a Reddit account. All you need is your email address, and then you can post specific details about your legal situation and ask questions to the forum moderators.

You should share your city and state, as laws may vary by location, and make sure your message does not include identification such as photos, license plates, or the full names of the parties involved. Reddit also reviews all legal procedures and requests to ensure they are not offensive for other reasons, such as requests for confidential or proprietary information, privileged information, or information protected from disclosure under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Experienced negotiator, mediator, and lawyer providing world-class legal advice, services, and representation with a background in education, healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing r/EULaw – With 2,2,000 members, r/EULaw isn`t as large as its Canadian counterpart, which makes sense given Reddit`s US-focused demographic. The community hosts information on European legal developments and events. r/LegalAdviceIreland – a place where Irish residents can ask simple legal questions. With these things in mind, you should be more successful in seeking legal advice: r/LegalAdviceUK – With 73,7,000 members, this is the place on Reddit for British, Scottish, Northern Ireland residents, and other UK residents to ask simple legal questions. Note: Reddit does not offer phone support. If you have any questions about submitting a user information request, please email While the legal advice subreddit Reddit may be helpful for some, it doesn`t replace the advice of a qualified lawyer who specializes in cases like yours. Whether you need a contract or a lawyer to represent you in court, it may be best to get advice from Reddit on what you should do next or what type of lawyer you should look for, but then do the extra work yourself to resolve the legal situation you`re in.

Reddit is a community, and as such, there are many ways to get help for what makes you sick. Inquiries and legal actions may also be delivered on Reddit through its agent, Corporation Service Company, 2710 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 150N, Sacramento, CA, 95833, USA, USA. In accordance with applicable law and our Privacy Policy, Reddit may disclose limited user information to law enforcement authorities without legal process if Reddit believes in good faith that disclosure is necessary to prevent imminent death or serious bodily injury to any person. Reddit evaluates emergency disclosure requests on a case-by-case basis and may request additional information to verify the nature of the request and/or the identity of the person making the request. Reddit makes no commitment to create records under any particular circumstances or schedule. r/Law- A public subreddit with 114k+ members that reports news on legal developments. Strong emphasis on U.S. law and U.S.

political developments covering the legal system. r/BadLegalAdvice – Highlights bad or incorrect legal advice on Reddit and beyond. As the community said, “If someone offers bad legal advice, refer them to us.” Unless you choose an identifying username, all your contributions are anonymous. Moderators, who offer some level of legal advice, are also anonymous. In this subreddit, no one pays for this service and no one practices law without a license. In fact, the team of 21 moderators is made up of lawyers, but also subject matter experts in many fields, including law enforcement and child protection. If you have any questions, please send an email. Reddit`s policy is to try to inform its users of requests and related legal proceedings to obtain their information, unless prohibited by law or court order. Reddit will usually give the user a reasonable amount of time to object before creating responsive records.

If a law or court order prohibits notification for a limited period of time, Reddit will attempt to provide notice after that period has expired. Non-disclosure orders should include an expiry date. If you are a law enforcement officer or government official and would like to file a content removal request, please send an email. Please ensure that your request is narrow and contains all relevant information, including (but not limited to): These guidelines provide law enforcement agencies and government agencies with general information about Reddit, its business and user records; the legal process required to force Reddit to produce user information; and the process for submitting a government request to remove user-generated content. Law enforcement and government agencies may ask Reddit to review and remove or restrict potentially illegal content if it violates local laws. Reddit reviews such a request and may deny it for a variety of reasons, including (but not limited to) requests that are too broad or incompatible with international law. All reported content is reviewed in accordance with our content policy and violations are tracked by the appropriate team. In situations where there is no underlying violation of the Content Policy, Reddit may restrict access to the post in the requesting country in accordance with local laws. In accordance with applicable law, Reddit will temporarily retain user information (“Records”) until legal process is initiated to disclose such information.

Archiving requests must meet all of the following requirements: To request this information, please complete our Emergency Disclosure Form. Please DO NOT send an email to as this may result in a delay in processing your application.