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Pmc Company List

The list of the 9 best private military companies is based on strength, number, contracts and information on the different weapons that can be hired to intervene and fill the void for private interests. This is another project management company on our list that has developed its own proprietary project management methodology. PMAlliane`s methodology is based on the belief that continuity-based planning is crucial to achieving successful project results. The company is proud of its reputation of more than 25 years of “helping organizations manage political and security risks in emerging markets and challenging environments.” Project management and consulting services go hand in hand with change management, the framework by which a company`s employees are guided through organizational change. You`ll notice that several project consulting firms cite change management as a key service. In third place is Erinys, a company responsible for protecting the majority of Iraq`s vital oil facilities and which recently won two contracts in the Republic of Congo to maintain order at the largest iron ore mines and oil and gas projects. With a culture of discipline and transformation, Bloom is one of the best project management companies you should consider for a steady hand to lead your project. We gave the company 4 stars simply because it offers fewer project management services than the other companies on our list. As one of the few private military companies dedicated exclusively to aviation, the company flew 98,000 hours on five continents in 2017 alone.

That same year, the company was ranked #779 on the Inc. 5000. [Ref.: 2] Blue Mountain Group provides best-in-class security solutions for residential, corporate and government customers. With a carefully selected team of outstanding security specialists – many of whom have backgrounds in the special forces. Their main service segments are training (to work safer in hazardous locations), security (close protection services, security planning, site security audits, technical countermeasures and scans, and consulting (safety planning and audits). [Information from company website as of August 2020]: DI is a highly diversified company focused on aviation, logistics and consulting. Its roots lie in two companies founded in 1946 (Land-Air, Inc. and California Eastern Airways). They support all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, the U.S. State Department, other U.S.

federal and federal agencies, and are prepared to “go where and when the mission requires to support a safer and more stable world.” [Information from company website as of August 2020]: AirScan was founded in 1989 to provide the United States with state-of-the-art airborne surveillance and security services. Public and private customers. The company has proven experience and technical expertise in tactical ISR systems (manned and unmanned), airborne data links, secure processing and distribution networks, as well as airborne ISR platform and payload training [company website information August 2020]: More recently, The company has faced the challenges of Russian-Chinese foreign policy and Russian political policy. Risks posed by the United States recently. BCG employs more than 21,000 people serving clients from offices in more than 90 cities and 50 countries around the world. This makes it another of the largest project management and services companies on our list. An additional service of this project management company that you won`t find in many other project management companies is training on project management tools and processes. We included Bloom in our list of the best project management consulting firms because it offers something different from other companies, namely the PMO services of a company focused on growing businesses.

The Beni Tal Security Company was founded in Israel with the aim of providing a comprehensive, fast and professional response to complex issues in a wide range of security-related areas. The security company operates three divisions in Israel and another branch abroad, serving clients in the private, public and municipal sectors. Its operational divisions are dignitaries and physical security, infrastructure security, special missions and strategic cooperation, as well as military and training solutions. [Information from the Company`s August 2020 website]: The Company has also been engaged to support recovery from Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and surrounding areas. Since we list the project management companies below, you will find companies of different sizes and locations. Some are based in the United States and other project management departments have global offices. In 2005, the company`s website indicated that the Blackwater Training Center was established in 1996 to meet anticipated demand for government outsourcing of firearms and related safety training. This company was the forerunner of Xe and Academi. The American private shipping company AdvanFort was founded in 2009 by Samir Farajallah. Aegis Defence Services is a British military and private security company founded in 2002 with offices around the world including Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Mozambique, the United Arab Emirates, Libya and Iraq.