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Wix Contact Us Form

Wix has the advantage of free plans, with limited features and templates, but still very accessible and especially SEO friendly and responsive. At the same time, however, they don`t offer all plugins and apps as they lack multiple plugins compared to other hosting platform services. Now that you`re logged into your MightyForms dashboard, it`s time to roll up your sleeves and get started. Creating a form, as you`ll see, is easy when you use MightyForms. Another must-have feature for your contact form on Wix is autoresponder. Set up a message that appears after each submission. Make sure it`s customized with lead data from the form, such as their name. Our Wix contact form app is suitable for all needs to get reviews and inquiries from your website`s customers. Add the essential fields to fill in, find your optimal template and customize the interface to motivate your visitors to send reviews about your products or business. Since you`re using Wix, you`ll need to embed the form into your page, but that doesn`t mean you can`t customize the contact form to get the look and feel you want. You can make your form look like the rest of your landing pages and make it your website with the same characteristics and personalities. Improve your forms and create engaging, responsive, and automated forms that streamline your workflow, eliminate tasks, and make process management easier.

A simple contact form is sometimes all you need to get more leads and accomplish the task of setting up a communication channel. Users have questions, opinions, or a natural interest in contacting your business. It`s part of your job to find an easy way for them. And this is the reason for the existence of the contact form. Giving the visitor a free pass to start a conversation with the company is also a great sign to show off your customer experience and show how great your business is. Learn how to create the perfect contact form for your Wix site, personalize it, and give it its professional identity. And count on three contact form templates that you can use or customize for inspiration. The Form Analytics and Abandoned Form Recovery features let you know your audience when you fill out the form.

And this knowledge gives you the opportunity to customize and improve your form, get more quotes, grow your email list, and eventually drive your sales. Another option is to have a detailed information form. You can collect more data about the lead and also provide more information about your business, such as adding a card to the form. Once you have finished editing the form, you can click on the “Save” button in the upper right corner of the form. Your changes will be saved automatically. What makes the Elfsight contact form the best app to get user feedback and receive requests for Wix? Check our key features: Leaving the contact form on autopilot will help you in your tasks and also in developing more important and urgent tasks on your to-do list. With an automated contact form, you have the ability to receive emails 24/7, and anyone can receive an automatic message, preferably with a very human tone, in response. Detect unnatural access to your forms and abusive traffic that doesn`t have user interaction. With ReCaptcha, you can detect human interactions, apart from bots and other malicious attacks. Now, to add your contact form to your Wix page, you can follow these steps: You can be sure that the lead is legitimate and has a sincere desire to have a conversation with your business. And with this type of form, you can guarantee high-quality leads and increase the chances of conversion.

If you`re using Wix to create a website, note that any contact forms you create will be sent to Wix servers. This means that the personal data of your website visitors is stored on Wix servers and you are responsible for backing up this data. If you don`t want your website visitors` personal information stored on Wix`s servers, don`t use Wix to create your website. It has a good website loading speed, which helps with SEO and reduces the bounce rate. A page that takes too long to load can lose leads. It only takes one second of delay to reduce the number of conversions by 7%. Therefore, a platform that offers fast loading speed is a plus for conversions and SEO. Templates are here to help, both as inspiration and shortcuts to make your work of creating your own contact form easier. Remember that the best templates are those that allow you to edit, update, and customize every detail of the form to give it the company`s identity. The first step is to go back to your form and change the design. At the top of your MightyForms builder, you`ll find a Share button.

Click on it to access the embed code so you can place the contact form you just created on your Wix page. Embedding your form is as easy as copying and pasting. Depending on the length and purpose, your form can always be one-sided or multi-layered. But there is an important side that every business must have. You need a contact form. Although Wix offers a contact page with a simple form, you can create your own form, which will keep your website more individual. It`s also a great way to build brand awareness. Prefer a clean form with short, essential information and elements, just enough to provide all the ways to reach your business, such as a phone number and card with the address, as well as fields where prospects can leave their name, email address, and message.

It is also interesting if you allow the prospect to send you files with the form. It allows those who want to send you more detailed messages. If you wish to delete the form, you can do so by clicking on the “Delete” button in the upper right corner of the form. Please note that this promotion cannot be cancelled. And you can also do a lot more by using the advanced settings that give you the ability to change not only the background of the page, but also the background of the form, as well as the shape and color of all the fields, and even add a specific font for titles, fields, and choices. You can design your form perfectly for your purpose and create it to blend into the page you embed it in. Contact forms are basically a simpler type of form. With only the essential fields, don`t ask for too much data, and specifically designed to start a conversation so that the lead can build a relationship with the company. If you use a contact form, you can offer the prospect the option to attach files to it. For imported files, you can embed them in Google Drive or Dropbox, and then organize each submitted file into a single space. Study a guide created by our team to add a contact app to your website. No programming skills are required.

The average installation time is about 90 seconds. For example, to track your form`s performance, you can use the abandoned form recovery feature and get automatic data when forms are submitted or cancelled, so you can send messages to lost prospects and delight those who haven`t submitted their forms yet. Surprise the prospect and make it easier for them to access your business. Your form should be clear, quick to complete, intuitive, responsive and have a reasonable number of fields. When choosing your Wix contact form, make sure it meets these specifications and also gives you the option to customize it based on the company`s identity.